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Student Living fully endeavours to help students find the right house while they study so they can have a hassle free stay.

Students and Parents Frequently Asked Questions!

Living with friends is a popular choice. It's cheaper than renting alone and best of all it's the most fun!

Before you begin to look at properties with your friends it's important that you carefully consider which of your friends, would make suitable house/flat mates. Thinking sensibly about your future house/flat mates could help to alleviate any tensions in the future.

House–hunting can be exciting but it's also likely to be a stressful experience. The best student properties are often snapped up quickly so it's important to be organised and ready to begin looking for accommodation as soon as possible. We usually start advertising in November for the next academic year and most of our property portfolio is let by the end of January.

When renting a property, the monthly rent is unlikely to be your only expense. There will be other costs you should consider in order to calculate how much you and your new housemates can afford each month however many of our properties are including utilities and internet please ask your Property Manager for more information.

We will take you to view a few properties in one go, often with several other groups of students who are interested in the same property type. Be patient and try to see as many properties as you can to give yourself a fair idea of the accommodation available.

Decisions are far easier when made as a group and we would suggest to have a property checklist to make sure you don’t forget to ask any questions you may have in regards to the property.

How do I know you are good agents?

We are an established company and have been running for 10 years. We are members of the Property Ombudsman, NALS and Safe Agent. Most of our properties are HMO licensed and tenants receive all relevant safety certificates. A Welcome Pack is provided to all tenants and their guarantors making the move in as hassle free as possible. Each property has their own assigned Property Manager making it easier to know of who to contact. We provide tenants with a 24 hr emergency call out phone number.

Do I have to be a student to rent with Student Living?

Yes you need to be a student.

How much are your admin/booking fees?

Holding deposit: Equal to 1 weeks rent


Dilapidation deposit: £350 per tenant


Late rent is charged @ £ 3% above the bank of England base rate of inflation


Key replacement £ 50.00


Changes to contracts £ 50.00


Change of sharer £ 75.00


Permitted occupier £ 75.00


Surrender of Tenancy £418.80


Tenant Protection:


We are a member of NALS & Safe Agent, which is a client money protection scheme, and also a member of The Property Ombudsman, which is a redress scheme. You can find out more details on our website or by contacting us directly.

How much is the damage deposit?

Our damage deposit for most properties is £350.00 per tenant and it is registered with the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) however some Landlords may ask for a higher deposit it depends on the property. Please ask us

Do I need to have a parental guarantor?

Yes, every student needs to provide us with a UK based guarantor. If this is not possible you will have to pay the full year’s rent in advance.

Does a guarantor have to be a parent?

It doesn’t have to be a parent as long as they are over 18, UK based and they can provide us with all the necessary documents.

What if I cannot get a guarantor?

You will have to pay the full academic’s year rent in advance.

Guarantor’s liabilities?

The guarantor is liable to pay if a tenant fails to pay the rent or if any damages are done at the end of the tenancy and it exceeds the deposit.

Can I apply for a property as an international student?

Yes, you are able to apply as an international student and if you cannot provide us with a UK based guarantor you have to pay a full academic year’s rent in advance.

How long is the contract/tenancy?

The tenancy is a fixed contract which runs from 1st September – 31st July for 48 weeks.

What is a joint and several tenancy?

Under this type of agreement the landlord or his agent may pursue any obligation in the tenancy against any one party as if they were jointly liable.  This means if the rent falls due and is not paid any tenant to the contract can be pursued for the full amount.  The same applies to damage, if one joint tenant does damage to the property which needs to be paid for the landlord or his agent can pursue any joint tenant or any guarantor for any costs to be met under the agreement in full.

How long do we have to hand in documents once the tenancy is signed?

We require all documentation, monies and post-dated cheques to be with us within 2 x weeks of signing.

What if not all of us have the money upfront?

Every tenant has to pay the administration fee and reservation fee in advance!

How do I collect keys on the day I/we move in?

The lead tenant will be responsible for collection of the keys at the start of your tenancy agreement and will have to ring the office at least 3 working days prior to the tenancy agreement start date subject to all tenants outstanding monies are paid in full and supporting documents have been received.

How is the rent paid?

The rent is paid as follows:
First month’s rent is paid in advance as the reservation fee.
The other payments are paid on a termly basis on the 15th October, 15th January and 15th April which coincides with the student loans and are paid by post-dated cheques in advance.

What if I’m late with my rent?

Please contact Margaret at the accounts department immediately at znetnerg.pbyyrqtr@fghqragyvivat.pbz

What if one of us stops paying rent?

If it is a joint and several tenancy everyone is liable to pay the rent. Although in the first instance we will always try and obtain payment from the tenant and their parental guarantor.

What if one of us drops out of Uni and wants to leave?

If someone drops out of the tenancy this can be very frustrating for all the housemates involved. Once a joint and several tenancy is signed you are all liable to pay the rent on the property. A new suitable tenant will need to be found which needs to be accepted by the remaining tenants and the landlord. They will have to go through the same procedure as all the other tenants. If no suitable tenant is found the drop out will have to pay the full academic’s year rent or the joint tenants and guarantor will be asked to pay this.

Will I be responsible for council tax?

As a student you are exempt of paying the council tax and you have to contact them giving them the relevant information please check

Can I sublet?


Can I put up pictures/shelves?

It depends on the property please check with your Property Manager however please do not use blu or white tac as this damages the wall and it needs making good and repainting which can be quite costly.

Who is responsible for the garden?

This depends on the property, but usually the tenants are responsible for the upkeep of the garden throughout the tenancy. It is best to double check this with your Property Manager before moving into the property.

Who is responsible for cleaning the windows?

The landlord is responsible for cleaning the outside and the tenant/s are responsible for cleaning the inside.

Is parking included?

Some properties provide you with parking and some don’t. Please check with your Property Manager.

I have a large garden can I park my car on here?

No. You can only park in allocated parking spaces.

Am I allowed pets?

No you are usually not allowed a pet. If you do wish to have any kind of pet you should first email your Property Manager who will ask the landlord who will make a decision. In some circumstances the landlord may agree but with clauses attached such as: asking you to sign an additional disclaimer stating that you will get all carpets and soft furnishings professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy, that you will pay an additional amount on top of your deposit for any additional damage incurred through scratching, chewing, urinating etc. You will also be liable for any fumigation charges if required, you will also be advised that even if permission is given if the pet is a noise nuisance to neighbouring properties then you would still be asked to remove said pet from the property. You may also be asked to pay an additional sum on top of the deposit amount already requested.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/friend come and stay with me?

You can have guests stay with you occasionally for up to 3 consecutive days, but this must also be accepted by your co-tenants if this is a joint and several tenancy.

If we rent a larger house exclusive of bills whose name should the bills be in?

The utility bills can be in any or all of the tenant’s names. It may work out easier for a large group to use a company who will split the bills equally for you and bill each of you individually if none of you wishes to take on the responsibility of being the bill payer this alleviates the issue of having to chase up your co-tenants for part payment.

What do I do with my rubbish?

Green bins in Nottingham City boundaries are for general rubbish i.e. food waste. The brown bins with grey lid are for recycling. Please ensure you empty your interior bins regularly and do not let rubbish mount up, as this is a health hazard and also attracts vermin. If you log in to you will be able to add your post code and find out your collection day.

What if I have a nuisance or noisy neighbour?

Firstly let your property manager know. Then if you feel threatened or feel someone else may be at risk call the police on 999 if you deem it an emergency (please note: Only use 999 in an emergency). If less urgent you can contact the police none-emergency number 101.

If I need a parking permit who do I contact?

Check Nottingham City Council website for information at You will find a section for students parking permits.

What to do at the end of the tenancy and how do I get my deposit back at the end of tenancy?

Make sure you fully clean the property and repair any damages or replace any broken items in the property. Also please make sure all tenants return all keys to us by the last day of your tenancy. We will inspect the property comparing it with the Inventory given to the tenant at the start of the tenancy i.e. with amendments of the tenants. Once the inspection is done we will liaise with the landlord to see if he’s happy with our inspection and email the tenants. If there are no deductions we will refund the full deposit shortly afterwards if there are any deductions it will have to be negotiated with the lead tenant. If both parties “the tenant” and “the landlord” are unable to find a resolution between themselves in regards to any deductions it would be best for the tenant to start a dispute through the DPS dispute service. Please see information on the link below:

Can we stay over the summer month of August?

Some landlords accept tenants to stay over the summer period or leave their personal items in their rooms if they are staying on for the next academic year however there might be an additional cost please check with your Property Manager.

Can I book the property for the next academic year?

Yes we usually send a first refusal letter to tenants in mid-November giving tenants the opportunity to choose their property for the next academic year. Please contact us to find out more information.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

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